Carole Sluski

Artist Biography:

Carole J Sluski has been painting since the young age of six years old.  Her mother was her first teacher and she continued to learn all mediums throughout the next decades of her life.   Whenever possible, she studied under well-known artists in the Illinois, Indiana and Ohio areas.  The highlight of her learning was when she met, followed and learned from her most known talented teacher, Charles Vickery of the LaGrange Art League of Illinois.  Here, she was introduced to his famous ocean and sea realism in oil.   Years later, she got the desire to do abstracts of the ocean and sea and to emphasize the strength, energy and vitality that these waters possess.  Over the last several years, she has developed her own blends of color, paint and application techniques to create in abstract and contemporary art.   Her original canvases illustrate a bright vivid style of modern art. 

Also known in the area of Fox Valley of St. Charles, Il, where Carole presently lives, she has captured the beauty in several series of landscape paintings, she calls the Ponds of St. Charles.  Most of these originated painting plein-air and finishing in her studio with final details from a photograph. 

In the 1990’s, one of Carole’s largest accomplishments in Watercolor is having nine paintings published by an Illinois Art Company, Artistic Impressions.  The originals were lithographed on canvas and thousands were sold in this party plan company stationed in the Midwest.  The originals were given back to her after several years and she now owns the rights on these popular images created by herself. 

Artist Statement:

“I appreciate and value the gift of creativity my mother gave me during my early years of life.  I learned to love all art, respect nature, and give back to others by the way of my paintings and total creativity. 

I find abstract the challenge of my life because one must create internally and be able to express what they feel on canvas by visualizing composition in a very different form.  Rich, true color plays a big and important part in my paintings.  I want my paintings to be alive.  I absolutely love the look of strong clean color on my canvas.  With my knowledge of chemistry, I’ve taken blending paint and polymers to another level by moving the paint as I want it to flow.   My style of painting abstract and contemporary art is unique and in itself, my signature.”  Carole J Sluski