Life travels in Egypt, Canada, France, Italy, Spain and the United States have determined the nostalgic and lyrical character of my work which consists mainly of oils or acrylic on canvas, mixed technique on paper and monoprints.


I consider myself a color field painter and am foremost a colorist.  I put myself in a color mood and apply the paint on canvas or on paper to create a layered atmospheric composition, sometimes with collages.  I rarely work with a preconceived vision for the final product, thus allowing the possibility of ambiguity and surprise.  Conceptually, I try to immerse the viewer in the perceptual experience of space, color and light. Therefore, my paintings actualize perception by carefully balancing these elements. I have a fascination with creative imagery that is an area of space occupied by floating forms that may join or float independently.  Finally, by using color and texture, I try to breathe movement into my “abstract landscapes” to guide the viewer into the paintings and making him wander into a different reality.